We'll deliver locally within New York City boroughs as the following table:

  • MANHATTAN - Deliveries on Mon/Fri/Sun
  • QUEENS - Deliveries on Mon/Wed/Thurs/Sat/Sun
  • BROOKLYN - Deliveries on Tue/Fri/Sun
  • BRONX - Deliveries on Wed/Sat
  • STATEN ISLAND - Deliveries on Tue, Sun
  1. If order is received before 8am, it can be delivered on the same day on the assigned day as above. Otherwise, it will be assigned for the next delivery date.
  2. Orders are delivered between 9am and 9pm
  3. Orders received before 7pm will be delivered on the following assigned day.
  4. Meat products are delivered in standard boxes (not styrofoam) without dry ice, never left at the door.
  5. You need to accept your order at the lobby, if you reside in apartment.
  6. No charge for cancellation of the order within 24hrs after placing an order. If cancelled after this timeline or on the day of delivery, 30% of total sum of the order will apply as cancellation fee and the balance is refunded.